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Partial Dentures

A partial denture is a removable prosthetic device used to replace one or more missing teeth. It is an important step in developing an attractive smile and restoring function to where missing teeth once were.

Cast partial denture

Cast partial dentures utilize a metal framework that designed to accurately fit around the remaining natural teeth and some of the gums. The metal is fabricated out of Chrome Cobalt, and for allergy reasons can be fabricated out of Titanium. It is typically held in with metal wires in which we can, in most cases, hide from showing when you smile. Artificial teeth are then placed on this frame to provide the appearance and function of the missing natural teeth. Missing teeth can be more than a cosmetic problem. When teeth are missing, a person’s bite can be affected, making the act of chewing difficult or uncomfortable. There is also a tendency for the adjacent natural teeth to drift into the space left by the missing teeth. This movement can cause damage to the surrounding tissues, thus the more teeth lost, the more problems that may develop. Missing teeth can also affect the shape of your face and the clarity of your speech. None of these problems should be allowed to develop when viable treatment options are available. It is extremely important for the success in the treatment for a partial denture, that the patient sees a Dentist for X-Rays and a comprehensive assessment of the remaining natural teeth to establish that the remaining natural teeth can support a partial denture, and that all fillings, etc are completed.

Metal partials Edmonton
Cast partial dentures Smiles & Beyond Denture Clinic

Flexible partial denture

Smiles & Beyond Denture Clinic in Edmonton offers both Duraflex and Valplast flexible partials. Both are adequate replacements for patients who are not interested in having metal appliances. They provide a comfortable fit, are lighter in the mouth, and are easy to eat with. One of the many benefits of DuraFlex and Valplast is that no tooth preparation is needed.

Flexible partials can solve many difficult treatment problems for periodontally involved teeth, sensitive teeth, or other conditions in which the teeth are compromised or comfort is problematic.


Ideal for:

  • Bony structures

  • Large tuberosity

  • Sensitive teeth

  • Allergy to monomer 

  • Cleft palate

  • Patients denture prone to breakage

Duraflex is an advanced thermoplastic that is clinically unbreakable, easy to adjust and even easier to polish. Duraflex partials are also unusually resistant to water absorption, making them less likely to absorb stains or odors.

Valplast is made of a biocompatible nylon thermoplastic with unique physical and esthetic properties. The Valplast injection process provides ideal adaptation to both hard and soft tissues.

**Important notice**

The laboratories we work with to make these partials are not able to repair flexible partials. For more questions please contact us.

Flexible partial dentures Edmonton

Acrylic partial denture

Smiles & Beyond Denture Clinic in Edmonton offers an alternative for patients looking for a cost effective option for partial dentures. If you are in a transition period in which a more permanent solution is in the future plan, a transitional acrylic partial is a great option. These serve mainly esthetic requirements along with some function. Long term use of these is not recommended due to their nature, they lack support and may cause your existing teeth to worsen. 

acrylic partials Smiles & Beyond

Caring for your partial denture

At Smiles & Beyond Denture Clinic, your denturist will help you understand what is involved in the care of your partial dentures. For the first few weeks, your new partial denture may make your mouth feel full, you will produce excess saliva and you may lisp, but with patience and any necessary adjustments that are made to the denture you will adapt and feel more comfortable. Removing and inserting your denture will take a little practice, and will become easier with guidance from your denturist. It is extremely important while inserting your denture that you do not bite down to move it into position. This can easily damage or bend the denture, diminishing your denture’s ability to function, or even worse, rendering it useless.


It is extremely important to remove your partial denture to clean it. Cleaning is a very important part of wearing a partial denture, and your denturist at Smiles & Beyond Denture Clinic can advise you on the proper way of cleaning yours. There are special denture brushes and denture cleaners that your denturist can suggest, or a mild hand soap or dishwashing liquid can be used as well. Your denturist will suggest that you remove your denture before going to bed at night, clean it thoroughly, and place in an overnight soaking solution of water, as a part of your oral hygiene.


The frequency of replacement of your partial denture depends on a number of factors, especially the changes your mouth undergoes over time. Bone and gum ridges shrink, one or more natural teeth may need to be removed, clasps can break off, and age takes its toll. All of these things contribute to how often you will need to replace your partial denture.

Contact our office today if you have more questions about the services at our denture clinic. (780) 761-3434.

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