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Smiles & Beyond

Denture Clinic

15753 97 St NW,

Edmonton, AB

T5X 0C7

Ph: (780) 761-3434


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Hours of Operation

Mondays-Thursdays 9-5pm

Fridays 9-12


At Smiles & Beyond, we constantly keep up to date with new techniques in how your dentures are made. Throughout the year, our specialists take courses to improve the fit and feel of your new dentures 

Smiles & Beyond Denture Clinic Edmonton- We are willing to spend time to answer your questions and/or concerns, we can even have a look for you. At this Denture Clinic, We can also refer you to a Dentist in Edmonton depending on your needs, whether it is implants or pulling out a tooth, let us take care of all the bookings.

- Standard Dentures

- Fully Customized

- Precision Dentures

- Upgraded Dentures

- Emergency 1 Day Denture

- Removable (Dentures that clip on to the implants with Locators)

- All-on-4 (all your teeth anchored to 4 implants or more depending on your case)

- Free in-depth consultation and referral


Get your dentures relined on the same day as long as you call ahead and book an appointment.

We make our Partial Dentures specific to your needs.

We also offer an alternative to metal Partial Dentures called DuraFlex™. These are flexible and almost unbreakable without the use of metal.


We will repair your denture the same day you bring it in. We do it all in our Lab which is located in our Clinic.

Smiles & Beyond Denture Clinic in Edmonton, Denture Clinic serving Edmonton and surrounding areas does exams. adjustments, temporary relines, denture cleanings and more.