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Full Dentures

Choosing Smiles & Beyond Denture Clinic in Edmonton for the fabrication of your new full dentures is a step in the right direction. Denturists are specialists who's studies consisted of the fabrication and fit of new dentures. This is a customized service done on-site.


Full (complete) dentures are dentures made to replace all missing natural teeth. Complete dentures are an option required to restore function and esthetics in the place of your natural teeth. Although, they may not function the same as natural teeth, it is possible to make them look and feel as natural as reasonably possible.


If you are looking into full (complete) dentures, they are likely replacement dentures, likely your second, and in some cases third or fourth set of dentures. In most cases you are familiar with some of the problems that come up with wearing dentures. They may also be your first set of dentures as some people have their teeth removed and wait for their gums to heal prior to the placement of dentures. 

The main reason for replacing dentures is because of changes to your gums over time, but also because of wear to artificial tooth surfaces. These are changes that occur slowly over time, you may hardly even notice. The frequency of replacing your existing dentures will impact how easily you adjust to a new denture. For instance, if dentures are replaced every 5 to 7 years, the gums and tooth wear are not as noticeable, making the transition to a new denture relatively easy. However, waiting over 7 years or more before replacing your dentures may allow adjusting to your new dentures extremely difficult in most cases. The new denture may feel like it’s too big, the teeth appear to be too large, and eating is more difficult than before. Speech becomes more difficult, you may find yourself lisping, and you feel there is no room for your tongue. All these problems can be avoided with more frequent replacement of your dentures.

New Dentures

At Smiles & Beyond Denture Clinic your feedback is important in the fabrication of your new dentures. From selecting tooth color (shade) and size to choosing a tooth shape that is right for you, we are here to assist you in with your smile. Dentures are fabricated out of acrylic. The base of the denture is tissue colored and can be altered to your liking. The denture teeth are also pre-manufactured out of a hardened acrylic. The reason for the use of acrylic teeth instead of porcelain teeth is simply because they are meant to wear. If the denture teeth do not wear down, your gums will end up shrinking at a faster rate because of the amount of force placed on the bone beneath your gums. 


If you are a first time denture wearer, patience and communication is the key to success and acceptance of your new dentures. Dentures are made to fully cover your gums and palatal area (roof of the mouth), this is how we achieve maximum support and fit. 

The fit of your new dentures is based on how your gums are shaped. Smaller, flat gums tend to cause your dentures to lose stability and will require the use of denture adhesive. Moreover, lower dentures do not, in most cases fit as good as upper dentures. The main reason for this is the anatomy (shape) of your lower gums and surrounding muscles of the tongue and cheeks make it difficult to stay in place. 

Eating and speaking with new dentures can also be challenging. Our job as Denture Specialists is to make your dentures functional. We fabricate dentures to fully function when you chew, however it will take some time for your jaw muscles to adjust to how the teeth glide with each other. The trick is to chew smaller bites of food, cut your food into smaller pieces and practice. SInce your dentures cover your gums, they will most definitely effect your speech. You will notice slurring and lisping, the trick is to read out loud and practice. Your brain knows how the words are supposed to sound, your tongue will adapt accordingly. 

Give your dentures a couple of weeks and you will adapt. Our office is always available to assist you with any concerns. Do not hesitate to book an appointment with us. Do not wait too long if you develop sores, if left untreated, it can lead to further damage to your gum tissues.

We strive to provide patients with quality dentures. Every denture is fabricated with care and with quality materials. Tooth upgrades are available for patients who require special shades and hues in the denture teeth. We fabricate dentures based on what you need, not what is common amongst other patients.

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