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Denture Repair

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If you live in Edmonton and surrounding areas, Smiles & Beyond Denture Clinic can assist you with denture repairs.

Denture repair should be stress free, the misfortune of denture breakage is an event that can strike fear into the heart of any individual who wears dentures. The stress worsens if you are in a work or social situation and suddenly find your smile is a tooth or two short, or worse, in two pieces. There are many reasons why dentures break, but with a little care and forethought you can reduce the chances of such a mishap.

The most common reason dentures need repairing is because they have been dropped while being cleaned. Hard bathroom floors, sinks and even taps lead to this misfortune. When cleaning, it is wise to fill your sink partially with water or place a face cloth in the bottom. This, along with holding your denture low in the sink, will likely cushion the fall should you lose your grip while brushing.

Denture breakages that occur in your mouth are less common, but can happen at. There are, however, some predictable circumstances that can lead up to this misfortune.

  • Steak bones, hard candies, ice cubes, nut shells, and other such fare can test the limits of tooth strength. 

  • Loose fitting dentures can lead to fractures. As your ridges shrink, dentures become less supported and are more prone to flexing while under the force of chewing. Having your teeth checked and relined when necessary will help in preventing this problem.

  • An uneven bite. As your dentures age, the way they align to one another can begin to change resulting in uneven pressure distribution. This may result in a tooth actually being popped out of a plate. Most often one of the front teeth on an upper denture. A regular check up with Smiles & Beyond Denture Clinic will most often identify this type of problem and preventative measures can be taken.

Fortunately, a broken denture can usually be repaired through a process of replacing the damaged area of acrylic with new material. This bonds the denture back together. In the case where a tooth has been lost, our office carries a fair selection of spare molds and should be able to find an appropriate replacement. Smiles & Beyond Denture Clinic provides repairs on the same day and simple repairs, if booked reasonably, can be done within an hour, so the inconvenience is minimal.

Key points to bear in mind should you need a denture repaired:

  • Bring in all the pieces with you.

  • Do not attempt to glue a denture back together yourself. Once glue has been applied to a denture, the fitting edges can become very distorted, making it difficult for your Denturist to accurately mesh your plate back together.

Contact our office today if you have more questions about the services at our denture clinic. (780) 761-3434.

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