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Hours of Operation

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Free Consultations

It is a great decision choosing a Denturist for the fabrication of your new dentures. Denturists are primary care givers specializing in the fitting and fabrication of dentures. Dentures is our specialty, we have a lab on-site which allows us to fully serve you with quality dentures made for you as an individual. our  customized services do not come at an extra charge, in fact, most likely cheaper than getting your dentures made at a dental office.

At Smiles & Beyond Denture Clinic in Edmonton, we are willing to spend time to answer your questions and/or concerns, we can even have a look for you. Our consultations are in-depth, we take them very seriously. Dentures can be a touchy subject for a lot of people and we understand that. You may be a first time denture wearer, or have had them your whole life, or even looking for different options, let us help you.  At this Denture Clinic, We can also refer you to a Dentist in Edmonton depending on your needs. Whether it is implants or pulling out a tooth, let us take care of all the bookings.

During your free- no obligation consultation, upon your approval, we can send off a pre-authorization to your insurance. A pre-authorization is a request for a determination, letting you know how much they will cover towards new dentures or certain services. This way, we can eliminate any surprise bills. No one likes surprise bills. 

Contact our office today if you have more questions about the services at our denture clinic. (780) 761-3434.

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